Villa Durazzo in Sestri Levante.
Ideal setting for events, weddings and receptions.
Where past and nature create a unique atmosphere.

The ancient noble estate of the '700 in the heart of the Ligurian Riviera.

A huge park where you can admire the breathtaking Gulf of Tigullio. An Historical Villa in the intense colours of Liguria and with the elegance of times gone by. A romantic and appealing seventh century church: the ideal scenario where you can make your dreams come true.

An antique portal, painted ceilings, stuccoes, adornments, objects of art: this is the interior of the villa. In every room colours and furnishings render its atmosphere welcoming and refined, allowing the guests at your function to feel welcome in settings rich with charm and atmosphere. In this way the villa reveals itself in all its splendour making you feel privileged guests just like the ancient and noble families that, in the course of the centuries, have lived there. From the large windows that look out onto the park you can admire the enchanting landscape and there, between the olive trees you can see the sea. It is the realization of the dream, the awareness of the privilege of offering beautiful moments in a refined and impeccable in a unique setting.

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