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The professional Wedding Planner staff at L'Esedra di Santo Stefano can walk side by side with you along your journey all the way to the altar. The complete organisation and planning of your event and all the choices and decisions you will make will be constantly supported by the competence and experience of our Wedding Planners.
The staff of L’Esedra di Santo Stefano will know how to advise you and offer you support in all the choices that you will have to make, starting from the desires and needs of the future bride-to-be. All your choices will be shared together and we will ensure they will be the most suitable choices in line with the bride's needs.

  • The selection of the location: Villa Durazzo in Sestri Levante, in your own home or in any surroundings that you prefer, destination wedding
  • The religious ceremony, the civil ceremony and the blessing
  • The choice of the menu and the wedding cake
  • The invitations and the wedding favors
  • The floral decorations and the decorations in the precious fabrics
  • The furnitures and the scenographic lights
  • The Wedding dress for the bride, the dress of the groom, the bridesmaids and pageboy
  • The musical accompaniment and the entertainment
  • The photographic service and the video shooting
  • The car, modern or vintage

These are just some of the aspects which the Wedding Planners of L’Esedra di Santo Stefano take care of. They join the bride-to-be in the preparations of her absolutely unique and personal wedding ceremony. It will be unique and personal because it will resemble You.

Wedding tailored

Wedding tailored

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Since 1993 Wedding Planner in Liguria: organization and planning of the event, from the church to the wedding feast. All the decisions that you will take will be constantly supported by the experience of Raffaella and her team.

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Wedding all inclusive?

Wedding all inclusive?

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